Thursday, July 30, 2015


Practice is an integral part of the game. It allows players fellowship, time to fine tune and learn new skills, as well as help prevent injuries during games. Practices should be scheduled for a weekday, but may be held on weekends at the discretion of the coach. Practice fields will be assigned by lottery at the Coaches Meeting. If two practice times are available, the second time is awarded in reverse order. Coaches are responsible for informing the team, parents and players of practice time(s) and location.

Review the fields at Andy Brown West and Wagon Wheel for assigned practice fields designated in red. Wagon Wheel is also available for practice to U9 and above. Practice is not allowed on game fields at any time as provided by a City of Coppell Ordinance.

Soccer is easy to teach to children. After all it is a simple game. But to teach it well requires some preparation. Here is a list of recommended coaching aids:

» Cones-available in all sizes. It is good to also have the flat discs as well or plastic lids to mark off lines.
» Portable goals. 4 larger traffic cones serve well for goals. Corner flags can be placed through the middle of the cones for height.
» Pinnies or training bibs will help to distinguish teams.
» Soccer balls. Make sure everyone of your players brings a ball to every practice. Count on bringing a few extras yourself.

Skills Coaches
To provide continuing education to volunteer coaches the CYSA contracts professional coaches each year to conduct free skills practices for all teams. Each coach is given a voucher and allowed to choose from several coaches. An appointment is made and the voucher is surrender at the time of the free practice. Vouchers are only redeemable for the date and time agreed upon.

Make sure your kids bring water to the practice and remember to always wear your shin guards.