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CYSA Modified Laws

The Coppell Youth Soccer Association follows the USYSA Laws of the Game. Some rules have been modified through our governing association NTSSA (North Texas State Soccer Assoc.) and adopted by the CYSA. This insures compliance with NTSSA rules and regulations. Each returning coach should have a complete copy of their age group playing rules.

The complete NTSSA Rules and the complete USYSA Rules are available for public review at the Coppell Youth Soccer Association office at 509 W. Bethel Road. 


Playing Rules

CYSA Policies

6 Goal Differential Policy

In order for all of our players to have a better soccer experience, we have a scoring policy to prevent horribly lop-sided outcomes. Every Coach, regardless of age division, is expected to keep the score of the game within 6 points. There are many ways to keep the score differential within this reasonable limit. If a Coach needs guidance or ideas on how to manage this requirement, please reach out to the age appropriate commissioner or any CYSA Board Member and they will be happy to assist. 


Sideline Policy

Players/Rostered Coaches/Rostered Team Manager ONLY on team sideline. All parents/spectators stay on opposite sideline and inside the spectator box. No parents/spectators beyond the lined-out spectator box. No parents/spectators behind either goal or near the corner flags. This prevents interference with the game

Water Break Policy

Both team's coaches and referees should work together BEFORE KICKOFF on whether a water break is necessary during the game due to hot weather. Both coaches and referee must agree to have the water break. CYSA expects coaches and referees to take the players' safety into consideration first and foremost. If a coach or a referee feels that this is not happening, they should immediately reach out to CYSA staff, Standby referee, field marshal or CYSA Board Member. Once agreed upon, one water break will be taken halfway through each half and the game clock WILL RUN during the water break which can last at the referee's discretion, between 1-2 minutes in duration.Players may exit the field for water during the designated breaks and substitutions may be made during this time.  Aside from the designated water breaks, and as needed, players ARE allowed to come to the sideline, BUT MAY NOT EXIT THE FIELD, and get a drink handed to them by their coach or teammates. Play will not stop for a player getting a drink on their own outside of designated water breaks.

U5-U8 Blue Lines Policy

There are no player positions in the U5 - U8 age divisions.  The intent of no player positioning is to ensure that all kids get to play different roles and touch the ball as much as possible. It also ensures that kids are not "pigeon-holed" into particular positions at such an early age. 

All U5-U8 fields will be divided into 4 sections, indicated by blue lines. All players (offensive and defensive) should be in the area where the ball is or the area next to it.  No player should be 2 areas from the ball.

Please remember that you cannot park a player defensively in order to act as "goalie" or offensively, aka:Cherrypicking.

Player Release Based on Misconduct Policy

In an extreme case where a player is exceedingly disruptive, whether physically and/or verbally abusive, and is believed to be detrimental to the remainder of the team, the coach may petition the A&D Committee to release the player from the team. The A&D Committee, after consulting with the parent(s) of the player will make a decision whether or not the conditions fall within the guidelines to allow the release. The A&D Committee’s decision may be appealed to the Board by either party.

Unless in the opinion of the A&D Committee the actions of the player are so egregious as to otherwise warrant release from the team, the following circumstances must be present for the release to be considered:

a. The coach must have spoken with the player and parent(s) in an attempt to correct the player’s behavior and given the player a chance to improve their behavior.

b. The coach must have attempted to correct the player’s behavior through reduction of playing time and/or sitting out of practices.

c. The coach must apply the policy consistently regardless of player skill or relationship with players’ parents. If other players are demonstrating the same behavior, the coach cannot single out a player for release from the team.

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