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Safety & Risk Mitigation


At CYSA, the primary responsibility for the coach is player safety.  One of the areas that deserves a lot of attention is the impact of concussions.  The following attachment discusses in detail some facts about concussions and the protocols needed before an athlete can return to the field.  


Concussion Facts for Coaches

Risk Mitigation

Overview:  It is important to balance the need for coaching with the boundaries required between adults and children.  Here are practices that need to be followed to support our mission for the association, and avoid compromising scenarios by our entrusted parent-led volunteers.

Rostered coaches and team parents are only league-approved people that can run practices or coach games
Player/Coach interaction during approved league activities Coaches- do not be alone with a child that is not your own, to protect yourself against false accusation. Have a parent, assistant or fellow coach stay with you and any child that is late being picked up from practice. We recommend having a team meeting BEFORE your first practice, either in an email or in person, telling parents what expectations are regarding practices and games. Not a good idea to shuttle players to and from practice by yourself. 
Social media. Not a good idea to friend your players on FB, Twitter, Instagram. Do not text your players directly. Any communication needs to be done with parents only.

Practices may only be held in league-approved locations. Do not hold practices in your backyard. Practices should be held at an approved location- ABW, WW or an elementary school.

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